Happy Pets Photo Gallery

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Out on a walk

Some cuddle time on the stoop with Gracie

The pups love the Element!

Mr Big




Bella loves to run and play

Poor little Nilla after surgery

Tori is unsure of the rain

Bijou with the sexy over-the-shoulder pose

Is there a cuter thing than Sophie with a stick?

Jackie and Shadow are walking off a few pounds

An extra toe on every foot makes him very special!

Cheeto loves a good head scratch

Jumping, playing, and tummy rubs are 3 of Beckett's favorite things

The rain won't stop little Percy!

Hudson, Killer and Gracie love to walk

Myda wants to jump in the fountain

I also can feed your fish :)

Brodie closes his eyes to keep out the snow

He also has his own couch for a bed!




Sunny days = happy Cole, Sidney & Zaroka

Daisy has awesome hair and a large dislike of the rain

Jonesy knows where to go for a view

Juno is one big, tall, playful guy!

Leo loves lap time

You are such a cute puppy Louie!

Madison loves her car rides and cookies

Bingo after some tennis ball fetch

Pearl, Max & Ozzie love to play teatherball

Rex is just 5 months old and is already a wise soul

Oakley is in heaven at the dog park

Zoey is such a cutie!

Lucy likes snacks and car rides, preferably at the same time

What a long nose you have Harper

Gracie & Juniper hog the bed

Another first: Chickens!

Bummer is ready to go!

Henley is once cute puppy!

Baxter is one fit puggle!

Getting in some cuddle time with Bummer

Can we go roll in the dirt now?

Itty bitty baby Havana!

Hello little Oscar, you are a troublemaker!

Sammie & Einstein love attention

You can't possibly fathom how much energy Sonia has

Jasper & Bridget are hoping for peanut butter in their kongs

Zeke gets a drink before some more tennis ball time

Nellie & Murphy are ready for dinner!


Leroy was saved just 24 hours before he was going to be put down!!!

Blanca & Sammy get comfy in the car

Kona is ready to hop in the car

Where is your tail, Wanda?

Kitsy & Rikki are always looking for a view

Fleabiscuit rides in his kitty car

Homer is a very happy Goldendoodle

Bogey & Baxter waiting for me to turn on the fireplace

Betsy positions herself perfectly

Little Teddy is secretly an Ewok

Everyone adores Abby

Betty, you are adorable!

Look at that puppy tummy!  It's her first day at home :)

Hey Little Girl!  Thanks for meeting me at the door every day

You have a funny mustache Smike!

The entire gang likes the Fling-ama-string

Frankie is standing in a pot of mud

Sadie is a sophisticated lady

Harvey is a taking a little break

Addie just got rescued & is from Taiwan!

Tembo means

The twins can't be disturbed for photos during dinner time!

Addison loves the warm sun on her back when she's in her kitty hammock